Lanius and Lakatosh Combine Skills To Dominate on the Tennis Court

Genevieve Turner 

Sports Editor

“There is no I in team,” is a common saying within many sports. Tennis, on the other hand, has its players compete in order to be ranked. While this happens on every team, every year, it still insights competitiveness between teammates. 

Junior Sophie Lanius and freshman Alexis Lakatosh were two such competitors. At the beginning of the 2020 season they competed against each other for the number one ranked spot on the team. Lakatosh came out victorious taking the number one spot on the team.

Since then, Lanius and Lakatosh have been working together in doubles matches against rivaling schools. They are both 7-1 this season and plan on continuing to dominate on the court. 

The relationship between Lanius and Lakatosh developed over time. “I knew it was going to be tough beating her in the challenge matches,” said Lanius. 

“Sophie and I have been friends for around two years now since I’ve been playing since seventh grade,” Lakatosh said. “Sophie and I knew it was going to be tough battling each other, head to head.” 

After the initial competition, the two have grown closer together and have been victorious in many matches against competing schools. But this teamwork did not come easily. 

“Since we have been together every day over the summer and we’ve been playing all this time, it’s been really good,” said Lakatosh. “Our relationship has gotten a lot better.” 

Lanius said that the hardest part for her was that they were not yet familiar with each other’s playing styles. 

Lanius and Lakatosh competed in the county finals Friday, August 9, 2020. Both won their bracket and faced off for the champion title. Lakatosh beat Lanius in both matches, 6-2, 6-3.

Even though they started out as competitors, they have grown closer as teammates, with many nice things to say about each other. Lakatosh describes Lanius as energetic, caring, and funny.

 “I see Lexie as a little sister and I have seen how hardworking, competitive and resilient she is,” said Lanius. “I really admire that about her.”

Teammates junior Sophie Lanius, left, and freshman Alexis Lakatosh, right, joined forces against Dover school district. Red Lion dominated 5-0. 
Photographed by Angie Lanius.

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