High School Hosts Second Grade STEAM Day

By Rosemarie Chan Photos by Julia Beiler Second graders from North Hopewell-Winterstown Elementary came to Red Lion Area Senior High School to have a blast May 9 for the first-ever STEAM Ahead event. After testing out aerodynamics by bouncing balls on top a giant red, yellow and blue parachute, the students rotated between activity stations…

Red Lion’s Mock Car Crash Paints Gruesome Scene to Discourgage DUI

Margaux Rentzel Leonid Staff Writer On a dreary Thursday morning, a hush fell over the senior class as Mr. Grant Gouker’s voice pierced the silence. He summoned emergency services to a car crash on Horace Mann Avenue. In the foreground, were two cars, one on top of the other, filled with teenagers in prom attire….

Brother’s death in alcohol-related crash makes lasting impact

At Red Lion’s Mock Car Crash Assembly, Clare Mankin shares reflections from the crash that took her brother’s life by Aubrie Wise Graduation is next week. This weekend is prom. A week ago was the mock accident where all the seniors went outside and saw the aftermath of driving under the influence. The purpose of…

What can be achieved from completing book reports?

By: Clare Mankin
Business Manager

Book reports- we’ve all had to do them at least once in our lives. They’re one of many contributing factors to final grades, and are among one of the least favorite things students enjoy completing….

24 hours to live simply

By Aubrie Wise
Junior Editor-in-Chief

To give up everything and live simply seems to be every 50 something retirees dream….