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Classes join competition to stock local food bank

“Bring in cans because it’s for a good cause!”

Delaney Jess, Student Council Canned Food Drive Chair

By Margaux Rentzel

Multimedia editor

Student council is gearing up for their annual canned food drive November 18-22. It will be another competition between the classes, and the winning class will win $250 and 50 class cup points.

Collected items will go to the Grace Lutheran Food Bank in Red Lion. 

“It is directly affecting our community,” head of the drive committee for student council, Delaney Jess said, “and we try to help them out as much as we can.”

Students in grades 9-12 can bring in canned food items to be a part of the competition as well as give to their community. 

“I hope it has as much momentum behind it as it did last year,” Jess said, “because we collected around 10,000 things to donate.” 

In April of 2019, the student-council-run canned food drive implemented an incentive to get people to participate. “[In previous years] when we didn’t have the competition,” Jess said, “we only had probably a couple of hundred cans.”  

In the Spring 2019 drive, the classes competed against each other for the class that brought in the most cans. The winner would receive $500 toward their graduating class’s executive council. 

According to Student Council, last year the juniors were in the lead during the whole week. Until, on Friday, the seniors and sophomores arose in the competition. The classes started bringing ramen because each ramen packet counted as one “can”. 

The seniors saw their placement on Friday morning and used their class money to leave during the school day and go buy more items for the drive before everything was counted, according to a representative from student council

The controversy caused the seniors to become disqualified and the sophomores ended up winning. Jess was disappointed in the outcome. 

“The idea that it’s going to families in our community was lost in the sense of competition.”

“Now that we know the way that it went and we have the experience,” Jess said. “We just implemented some new rules so that way it’s more fair and a friendlier competition.” 

This November the new rules are gravy packets do not count; ramen packets count as one quarter of a can; and leaving school to go buy cans is prohibited. 

“Bring in cans because it’s going to a good cause.”  Jess said. “May the best class win!” 

The Annual Christmas Magic Returns

By Alexander Schor


York has many places and opportunities for people wanting to have fun as the weather gets colder and the holidays approach.

One such activity is Christmas Magic which is held annually at Rocky Ridge County Park.

Every year the park strings thousands of lights, signs, Santas and train displays. According to yorkcountypa.gov,

Christmas Magic is a half-mile walking trail accessible to anyone that meanders along a wooded hilltop through nearly 600,000 Christmas lights, holiday scenes and five enclosed heated pavilions. The spirit of the holiday is displayed by using animation, displays, visits by Santa Claus, food, a G-gauge train display and an O-gauge train display.”

Each year over 40,000 people go to Christmas Magic at night to see the lights and scenes that were set up by the York County Department of Parks and Recreation over many weeks.

Admission is not free, however. According to yorkcountypa.gov, it costs adults ten dollars for admission. The YCDPR has made admission much easier this year by opening online ticket sales so that there is less of a crowd at the entrance.

The park is also hosting various charity events. They are encouraging visitors to bring canned foods as well as stuffed animals for the food bank and Toys for Tots respectively.

Christmas Magic will be open from Nov 23 – Dec 31. They will be open from 6-9 pm on weekdays and 5-9 on the weekends.

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Honoring Brooks Argento: “Brooks Breaks”

By Cora Beyer

Current Events Editor

“Brooks Argento fully lived, authentically and completely present,” said Joy Krosse, close friend of the Argento family.

This idea seemed to be repeated over and over again at the memorial service held for Brooks Argento Saturday, September 22. It was a common theme as friends and family got up to speak about Argento and the fond memories they have of him.

After a two-year battle with cancer, Brooks Argento passed away on September 18, 2018. It is evident that Argento touched many lives with his vibrant personality.

As a high school student, Argento used his unique gifts to brighten students’ days with “Hall Talks” on the televised announcements. On the football field, he displayed his ability to challenge the limits and bring a team together. In everyday life, he set a positive example as he treated each person with respect and kindness.

In addition to all of that, as shown by many of the stories shared on that Saturday, he turned every moment into one of fun and enjoyment.

An especially memorable speech shared by Joy Krosse, dealt with a newly invented concept called “Brooks Breaks.”

The speech began by describing a time that Argento attended an event with Krosse’s family. The kids were sitting around a campfire sharing their personal successes with various video games when Brooks added his own comment.

“Brooks leaned in and slowly said, “When I was your age I won a ton of times at this game called playing outside,”’ said Krosse.

When the family returned home, this line stuck with them and they decided to turn it into something positive to implement into daily life.

“We decided to honor him [Brooks] by creating what we call our Brooks Break. We set aside a sacred space where no devices or screens are allowed,” said Krosse.

This idea is one that not only memorializes Argento and what he stood for as a person, but has a positive impact on our lives today.