Is Valentine’s Day overrated?

Students at Red Lion Area High School share how they feel about the romantic holiday.

By Cassidy Graham

Marketing Director

The month of February brings forth emotions, feelings, and activities that most people want to forget about…or do they?

Valentine’s Day can often be seen as “Hallmark’s Holiday” where consumers of all ages stress over what gifts to get, the perfect card, and the chocolates that will be received on the special day.

Valentine’s Day sparks all sorts of emotions for people, especially teenagers.

Here’s what student’s at Red Lion had to say about it.

“I personally think it’s over publicized by the media.” Rosa Wagner, a senior at Red Lion said, “I think just spending time with the people you love is the way to do it.”

According to CNN, in 2018, approximately $19.6 billion dollars was spent on Valentine’s Day based on a study by the National Retail Federation.

This shocking number is due to the fact that Valentine’s Day has become a holiday celebrated by not only couples, but singles as well.

“I feel like Valentine’s Day is a nice way to get people to appreciate love and friendship,” Brady Brenner, a senior at Red Lion said. “Some people celebrate it not just for love. It’s a holiday you can celebrate regardless of if you are in a relationship or not.”

According to sophomores Victoria Mattioli and Camree Patterson, they enjoy Valentine’s Day simply for the sweet treats.

“I’m just excited to eat chocolate covered strawberries.” Mattioli said, “I also like eating the candy.”

“I’m going to Baskin Robbins to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” shared Camree Patterson.

While she wouldn’t disclose who she would be celebrating at Baskin Robbins with, the grin on her face assured that Camree will be having an enjoyable Valentine’s Day.

It’s clear that students at Red Lion Area Senior High School will all be spending the holiday differently. Regardless, it’s sure to be a fun-filled day.

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