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Sound the Bells: Red Lion puts on production of ”The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

By Margaux Rentzel

Social Media Editor
Senior Mitchell Wise lays in sorrow on the ground while the cast expresses emotion behind him at the musical assembly on February 27. Izzy Schopf and Logan Smith share a loving moment for the scene. “Hunchback of Notre Dame” runs Mar. 5-8. Photo by Julia Beiler

Every March, Red Lion High School’s stage is transformed to fit that year’s musical. It has gone from River City, Iowa in the Music Man, the big city of Los Angeles in Rock of Ages, and even Urinetown, in last year’s production. But this year, the stage will be converted to 15th Century Paris, in the “Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a story about a hunchbacked bell ringer named Quasimodo who dreams of the outside world. 

“For me, Quasimodo is the simplest version of emotions that are possible.” senior Mitchell Wise, who is playing Quasimodo in the musical, said. “To me he is the perfect example of a washed human.” 

The musical encompasses emotion, power, and a whole new realm of musical that Red Lion has taken on. The musical will be taking place March 5, 6, and 7 at 7 p.m. and March 7 and 8 at 2 p.m.

“’Rock of Ages'” was lighthearted and fun,” director and choreographer of the musical, Dr. Ayala, said. “And even though Urinetown had death in it and was a little bit dark, it was a fun, lighthearted dark.” 

The show is dark and has emotions, which Dr. Ayala says people should be excited for. 

“[People] should not expect a lighthearted, happy, story,” Dr. Ayala said, “It’s dark and kind of tragic, but sometimes out of the most dark stories comes the most meaning and emotion.”

Mitchell Wise, who has played leads in the years past, is playing Quasimodo in this year’s musical.

“Having been the lead in the past four years,” Wise said, “It’s definitely a good one to end on.” 

Some other leads include Micah Summwalt as Dom Claude Frollo, Isabella Schopf as Esméralda, Sarah Foess as Clopin, and Logan Smith as Phoebus. 

“I am more excited about this show than any I’ve done so far,” Ayala said.  

The cast works hard from the beginning of the school year to fundraise, and all the way up to February practicing. 

“We were here every day from 5:30 to 9, and that will be the case in all of February,” Ayala said. “So we are all really tired.” 

Every year there is also a student director that helps out with almost everything in the musical. This year, the student director is Giovanna Davis. 

“Before this year, I truly never understood how much work, time, and effort goes into the production,” student director Giovanna Davis said. 

The musical does not only appeal to theatre kids, it also has opportunities to get all students involved. Students can get involved by auditioning for the cast, help out with costumes, makeup, and props, they could be a part of the stage crew, help paint sets, and could even help out with lighting and sound. 

“I love being able to have a creative vision,” Ayala said. “And see it come to life through students.” 

Not only can the students get involved with the musical, but so can the whole community. 

“We have an adult choir that we recruited community members and teachers for,” Ayala said. “And they are going to be sitting up on the choir loft up on the stage.”

The pit every year also works to incorporate the sounds of the musical so the audience can feel it. In past years, the pit has not been as big, but this year that has changed. 

“We have 33 members in our pit, which is huge,” Ayala said. “So big that they can’t be on stage.” 

Tickets are $10, and $8 on Thursday for Red Lion students and employees, and for senior citizens. People can visit for tickets. 

“[People] should definitely expect to feel emotions,” Ayala said. “And to feel changed, in a way, after they leave.” 

“Rise of Skywalker” rises above the obstacles

By Kaitlyn Resline

Student Life Editor

“Star Wars: Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker” directed by J. J. Abrams is the epic finale of what is called the “Skywalker saga” which began over 40 years ago. The movie concludes the journeys of Rey, Finn and Poe, as they try to take down the First Order and a new threat. 

Released on December 20, 2019, the movie has a running time of 2 hours and 22 minutes. The movie combines elements of action, adventure, and fantasy, making it appeal to a wide range of audiences. 

The movie starts off with the Resistance receiving intel that Emperor Palpatine, the main villain in the original Star Wars trilogy, has been revived. Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega), and Poe Damon (Oscar Isaac), are assigned a mission by General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), to locate a sith wayfinder. This wayfinder is the only way to locate Exegol, where Emperor Palpatine is hiding. Along the way, they encounter several obstacles, mainly in the form of Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order. 

The movie had a lot to live up to, being the final movie in a beloved series. Unfortunately, it fell a bit flat. In “Star Wars: Episode VIII- The Last Jedi,” one of the themes is that there is always a new generation to bring hope and balance to an ancient struggle. This is signified by the final scene in the movie, when a young boy moves a broom with the Force. However, “The Rise of Skywalker” seems to depart from these themes when introducing a new villain, and almost a new plot. This creates a disconnection between “Rise of Skywalker” and the previous films. 

The shift in narration appeases fans who were disappointed with “The Last Jedi.” However, it made the movie seem as if it was trying too hard. Certain climatic scenes felt rushed or forced, and some details did not fit the established facts of the series. The plot could also be difficult to understand. 

While the plot left something to be desired, it was made up for with the acting and characters. Ridley, Boyega, and Isaac all portray their characters with raw, honest emotion. A viewer can notice the connection the characters have with each other are as strong as the Force. Their interactions are very realistic portrayals of how people that have been through challenges together would behave. Rey’s character is commendable because, despite her trials and struggles, she never acts inconsistently with her established character. She remains a true champion of good. 

The musical score by John Williams also fits well with the movie. It plays homage to the original theme, while also adjusting to fit the new story. As it plays through action scenes, it crescendos as the action intensifies. 

Overall, the movie is engaging to watch. It might not have the cleanest plot, but the acting and action makes up for it. At the end, it did not leave a feeling of dissatisfaction. It is recommendable to all fans of the series who want to receive some closure after the long journey.  The movie receives 3.5/5 stars, because its slight stumbles did not detract from its overall enjoyment. 

The promotional poster for the movie “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” 
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker . 2019. IMDb,

Cast begins rehearsal for “Hunchback of Notre Dame” musical

By Mary Summers, Chloe Brown, and Lexie Emenheiser

Staff Writers

Red Lion Area Senior High School has big plans for their musical which is a similar version of the Disney film. This year, the cast of this musical will not stop until it is perfect.

Director, choreographer, and teacher, Cari Ayala gave a lot of insight of what is going on for this year’s musical. Dr. Ayala stated that she runs auditions, guides the cast when acting, controls blocking, which is telling the actors where to stand, and oversees all other directors in the musical. 

The other directors in the musical consist of the pit, music, set, costume, sound, light, producers, props, and makeup.  

“This version is a lot darker than the Disney version,” Dr. Ayala said. “ ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ is about a dramatic tale full of romance, action, and drama.”

The main role in the play is Quasimodo (senior Mitchel Wise). Quasimodo is Frollo’s nephew. He is deaf, has a giant humpback, and a giant wart that covers one of his eyes, which makes him unique and stand out from the rest of society.

A beautiful gypsy dancer named Esmeralda (junior, Izabella Schopf), is a charming and fascinating role in the play. Schopf plays a strong, independent, and a very empowering female role. There is romance throughout the scenes, which calls for an eventful musical.

Phoebus (senior Logan Smith), the captain of the Notre Dame guard,  is a bold and confident character who plays another main role in the musical that engages the audience. 

Clopein, Queen of the Gypsies (senior Sarah Foess), typically played by a male, has now been changed to a female roll to show Foess’s acting abilities and dancing talent. Though she isn’t supposed to be a dancer, she will be the lead feature dancer because of her past experience with dance.

Archdeacon Claude Frollo (senior Micah Sumwalt), in charge of the Notre Dame cathedral, is the story’s antagonist. He is passionate and driven, but his feelings contradict with his thoughts, which calls for violence throughout some parts of the musical.

Practice is run every Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 5pm. With the exception of Saturday, Ayala will hold practices with specific cast members who they need to focus on for that scene. Towards the show dates, they will have mandatory practices that last a lot longer and will focus on the entire musical itself.  

“There are about 65 kids from the school who are acting in the musical, which doesn’t even count for the ones who do activities behind the scenes,” said Dr. Ayala. The other kids who participate in the musical are the kids who help with costumes, props, the stage crew, makeup, pit, and of course, choir.

“A part of the choir this year is a bunch of community members who take the stage alongside the kids to create a loud, strong, symphonic sound,” Dr. Ayala said.

 Members of this adult chorus can vary from teachers, parents, and they are trying to get members from York Symphony.  

Show dates will be March 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the 2019-2020 school year. “The cast, crew, and members of the district invite everyone to come out and watch it.” Dr. Ayala said.

Mr. Wise, the musical director conducts the choir in the musical on Monday, November 18, 2019, in the Auditorium at Red Lion High School. This will influence their performance on the days of the final show.

Disney takes its turn with a streaming site

By Ryelee Stone

Opinions Editor

Streaming services provide different shows and movies that can appeal to everyone at the touch of their fingertips. I have found a streaming service that brings the magic of my favorite childhood memories to life.

A new streaming service that was recently released is Disney Plus. This streaming service provides shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Disney Plus was released to the public on Nov. 12, 2019. The founder of this streaming site is Disney, and the CEO, Bob Iger, was the one who announced the launch.

This streaming site is Disney’s way of participating in the world of online streaming shows and movies. Disney can bring in even more revenue while providing their fans access to their favorite shows and movies.

According to Disney Plus’ website, the cost of a subscription is more affordable than other services at a price of $6.99 per month, along with a seven-day free trial to allow people to test out the streaming service. There is even a discount of paying $69.99 per year that would save buyers around $13.

After a simple signing-up process, the main menu for the site is clean and easy to maneuver through. There is a search button like any other streaming site, but the shows and movies are divided into different categories.

There are the standard streaming categories to choose from, including the Recommended for You, Continue Watching, What’s Trending, and more. What is special to Disney Plus is that there are sections to pick selections from only Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, or National Geographic.

Around the time the site was launched, the continue watching section disappeared on the home screen. Disney fixed this issue two weeks after the launch, showing that their team is responsive to problems. 

Something for parents to be aware of is that when you open the Disney Plus app after setting up an account, you can pick whichever profile you want to get into. There’s hardly any challenge to unlocking the parent accounts and there’s not a strong child lock, but time will tell if this needs to be fixed.

A larger selection of shows and movies are available to choose from compared to other sites and R-rated movies are not provided. Disney Plus still lived up to the hype it received because of the quality of the shows and movies it provides.

I have watched classic childhood movies and shows from this site that brought nostalgic feelings while watching them. I have also binge-watched the television show “Boy Meets World,” and watching shows and movies on this streaming site feels normal.

Shows and movies that I watched with my family when I was younger are on this site, and it is an amazing feeling to revisit those simpler times. “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” and “Monster’s Inc.” are all the movies that I have watched recently with my whole family because we have a Disney plus account.

Disney Plus has made a great impression on me and I plan on continuing to use this streaming service for as long as I can. Netflix does not have access to all of the shows and movies that Disney Plus has, so it is a great service that provides new content.

The overall impression that I have about Disney Plus is that it’s an amazing streaming site that provides options that everyone can enjoy. If someone is curious about trying it out, they should because it is reasonably priced and is an overall smooth experience to use.

Field of Screams: Festivities of Fear

The the greeting party for Field of Screams was also found chasing attendees around the grounds. Field of Screams from September 13 through November.

By Emily Ankers


Just off route 30 is a small desolate area that has been morphed into a Halloween utopia filled with fun in fear. Since the late 90’s, Field of Screams has been a highly attended event across all areas. 

Found on 191 College Ave., the attraction is a thirty minute drive from Red Lion. The cost is $35 to gain access to all four attractions, and the scares begin at five thirty in the evening.

Starting Sept 13, the season of scares begun for the Lancaster location of Field of Screams.

When you enter the main entrance, you are met with people wandering around in character creating scares before entering any attraction. 

As far as attractions go, there are four that have been there from the beginning; two outdoor and two indoor. The attractions are as follows, The Haunted Hayride, The Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, and Nocturnal Wasteland.

The Haunted Hayride is a favorite among many that attend Field of Screams because of the hands-on approach they take during the ride. After the attendees board the hayride, they are taken into multiple different barns that then have the doors closed and the light turned off. 

This year, Field of Screams introduced a new portion of the hayride. This was a makeshift lab said to house criminals with mutant powers. 

During the attraction on Sept 14, this portion faced some technical difficulties, though the actors did not break character while the staff worked to fix the problem.

In the other attractions, everything went as planned and even as attendees attempted to make the staff break character, they stuck to the script and continued to provide scares to all who passed through. 

The overall atmosphere and behavior from the staff made the experience a pleasant one for all who were there. 

Choir begins practice for their “headlining” mini-musical “Newsies”

By Chelsea Napoli

Staff Writer

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Red Lion Senior High Choir is putting on their final concert featuring songs from the Disney musical “Newsies.”

This musical is based on the actual newsboy strike of 1899, which was a youth-led campaign against the rise of newspaper prices due to the Spanish American War.

Newspaper publishers Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, refused to lower their prices and the newsies weren’t able to afford the papers to sell, while also having to pay for their living requirements.

“Newsies” follows the story of Jack Kelly, a rather rebellious newsboy who wants to get away from the big city. But when the local publishing giant raises newspaper prices at the newsboy’s expense, he and his fellow comrades take action.

Instead of putting on an actual musical, the choir is selecting a few songs that are most notable or popular. The show will also have dancing and featured soloists.

“It’s twelve to fifteen minutes long. It’s just highlights of songs that are in the musical and we put choreography with it,” said Mr. Wise, Senior High choral director. “There’s usually not a ton of acting that goes on in it or costumes like our regular musical.”

The show will feature songs like “King of New York”  with soloists Megan Gilbert, Logan Dill, Alex Snyder, and Mitchell Wise.

This end of the year production recognizes seniors who have been heavily involved in the choir. The most notable seniors are voted upon by the entire choir. Those seniors then recieve rewards at the end of the concert.

Gilbert took part in choreographing the show along with junior Sarah Foess. After the two filled out resumes as to why they would be good candidates to choreograph and run practices, they were chosen by Mr. Wise to do so.

Wise had to consider overall dance experience, choral history, and leadership ability.

“We started with the ending song to make sure it has the most impact,” said Gilbert. “We want it to be the strongest and most important song.”

Foess and Gilbert met after school for three days for about nine to ten hours in total to make this whole show happen.

“It wasn’t always easy, sometimes we were stumped of what to do,” said Gilbert. “We regularly looked at reference videos and had to consider the ability of the entire choir.”

The mini musical will include students from all grade levels of the choir, no matter the experience level.

The choir will hold practice every Monday night until the night of the concert on Sat., Apr. 27 at 7 p.m.

Social issues in art portrayed by students

By Lillian Kiehner

Staff Writer

Art 3 may seem like a typical art room where there are are paint brushes, canvases, colored pencils, and charcoal sticks.

Mr. David Hopkins gave some leniency to his students when he decided it would be best to agree on a project with them.

The semester started off with a controversial topic-their thoughts on current issues in the world.

The project was to pick a controversial topic that speaks to the students and portray it through art.

“We pretty much discussed the idea [of a social issues project] with the students,” said Hopkins. “We discussed what has and hasn’t been done before and what we’ve seen on the TV and news.”

Senior Trent Moyer spoke about his topic, sexual abuse in the Catholic Churches, mainly at the Vatican.

“I hope to bring a voice to the victims, it shouldn’t happen to anyone,” Moyer said. “If it happens to you, it puts you into almost like a mental prison.”

Moyer went on to explain what he plans on adding to his final piece.

“The background is going to be like a child’s picture of the sky, and the black outline of the Vatican will show the mental imprisonment within the whole situation,” said Moyer.

“It’s a way to start off the semester,” said Hopkins. “It kind of gets them going.”.

Senior Carlie Pearson is doing a bigger piece with an even bigger topic. She chose the topic of violence, not narrowing it down to one subtopic.

“It’s a huge fear that everyone has,” Pearson said. “The more of a minority you are the more you’re afraid of it.”

“I wanted to do something that everyone could see as they walk around, so I was thinking of a wall with street in the background, but the focus is mainly on the wall.” said Pearson. “On the wall will be a bloody handprint so it will put you into that place of ‘What is going on here, what happened here?’ I feel like anybody could walk down the street and see that.”

Hopkins has high hopes for the feedback from the artist’s audiences.

“Acknowledgement mainly. Acknowledgement of the student’s work, acknowledgment of the social issues that are there,” said Hopkins. “Hopefully the acknowledgements are positive.”.

Both Pearson and Moyer really enjoyed this idea for their first prompt, and both hope to bring light to the heavy situations that are going on the the world.

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