Red Lion Career Center Director Mrs. Morris Retires

Mrs. Morris leaves a legacy of career exploration programs at the senior high

By Shana Carey


Many students do not know what they are going to do after graduation. Red Lion encourages students to dabble in different career opportunities that can allow them to find their passions. Originally a business teacher, Mrs. Kim Morris built the Career Center from the ground up and is ready to retire after 33 ½ years in public education. 

“Red Lion has made a strong mark in York County,” Mrs. Morris said. “That makes me proud.” 

Mrs. Morris is passionate about helping students find a career that excites and supports them. She says that the key to finding this is to experiment in different activities while in high school. 

“Get your foot in and dabble a little. If it works, that’s awesome,” Mrs. Morris said. “If it doesn’t, dabble in another pool.” 

The career center was not always as prevalent as it is today. When Mrs. Morris got started at Red Lion 30 years ago, there were two programs that she oversaw while teaching a full day of business classes. Now, Mrs. Morris focuses on the Career Center and its 42 career exploration and apprenticeship programs. 

“The more opportunities you (the students) have,” Mrs. Morris said, “the more that we’ve done our job.” 

Mrs. Morris passes the torch after this year to Mrs. Scott to run the career center. Mrs. Scott was originally a business teacher before becoming a counselor and has helped students find their career paths ever since starting at Red Lion. 

“She and I have been co-workers and friends for a very long time,” Mrs. Morris said. 

Mrs. Morris sits at her desk in the Career Center with cards from students and community members hanging behind her. Mrs. Morris has met with past students that achieved their various career goals because of the career program.

Mrs. Morris looks forward to seeing how the Career Center changes with new leadership. 

“Throughout the years we continue to think of ideas,” Mrs. Morris said, “so I’m anxious to see new directions, but there has to always be continued growth.” 

Moving into retirement, Mrs. Morris will watch the Career Center develop but will also have more time to herself. Mrs. Morris told The Leonid that she is very much looking forward to “no bells.” 

She also is excited to travel with her husband and spend time with her four grandchildren. She is looking forward to “just having more time to stop and play.” 

Mrs. Morris works in her Career Center office with a bulletin board filled with pictures and thank you cards from past students. Over her years in Red Lion, she has kept in touch with many students. Mrs. Morris reminisced about meeting with one of her first students for lunch and hearing about his travels as a marine in the past 15 years. 

“He remembered things from the class that I taught,” Mrs. Morris said. “It was lovely.”

Moving into retirement, Mrs. Morris is optimistic and said, “You never know where one little possibility might take you.”

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