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Red Lion Student Council carries out first ever Clothing Drive

By Daphne Riddle   

Junior Editor-in-Chief

A Clothing Drive has just taken place at Red Lion, the first one to take place at the high school, during the weeks of Jan. 27-31 and Feb. 3-7. Student council collected piles of clothing to donate to Community Reach in their two-week drive. 

Total tallies of all pieces of clothing brought in by each individual class, showing the final ranks of the Clothing Drive.

Delaney Jess, the committee head of the Drive committee, showed her enthusiasm in this new idea to help the community. “I decided to start a clothing drive because it had never been done before which I thought was very surprising,” Jess said. 

This drive was also used as a competition between the classes, the prize at the end being class cup points towards larger prizes later in the year. This created a race for the grades against one another, and the numbers of clothes collected grew each day. 

Two weeks of donations went by quickly, and the classes were fighting for the top spot. The walls were covered by posters hung by multiple classes, encouraging students to donate. There was also an abundance of social media posts made for the same purpose. This healthy competition spurred on the students to collect as many clothes as possible, with the thought of helping the community also a motivating force. 

At the end of the time period, all the articles of clothing were counted by Student Council members, and the final tallies were announced on the council’s Instagram. The stacks of clothes piled high, as tall as the tables they were being collected by. Hundreds of pieces were folded and getting ready to be packaged while the students were anxiously waiting for the results. 

Taking first place were the sophomores, who brought in 347 pieces of clothing. The remaining classes ranked as follows; seniors with 197, freshman with 82, and juniors with 28. The sophomore’s reward will be a day of getting out of class early to be the first people in line for lunch. 

This first year initiative went over very well, and everyone around the school seemed to enjoy the competition aspect. Hundreds of articles of clothing are now waiting to be donated to Community Reach to go to people in need. “I think for our first year it was a huge success,” said Jess, “Every little bit counts and we collected over 600 articles of clothing!”

The hope of the Drive committee is to continue this event next year, and the students’ passion of bringing in clothes this year makes it a likely chance of another clothing drive in the future. 

Student Council’s work to donate towards locals in need were evident the past few weeks when collecting clothing, and Community Reach will soon be receiving hundreds of clothes to assist these people. “It is just another way we can help our community,” said Jess, “so why not!”

Classes join competition to stock local food bank

“Bring in cans because it’s for a good cause!”

Delaney Jess, Student Council Canned Food Drive Chair

By Margaux Rentzel

Multimedia editor

Student council is gearing up for their annual canned food drive November 18-22. It will be another competition between the classes, and the winning class will win $250 and 50 class cup points.

Collected items will go to the Grace Lutheran Food Bank in Red Lion. 

“It is directly affecting our community,” head of the drive committee for student council, Delaney Jess said, “and we try to help them out as much as we can.”

Students in grades 9-12 can bring in canned food items to be a part of the competition as well as give to their community. 

“I hope it has as much momentum behind it as it did last year,” Jess said, “because we collected around 10,000 things to donate.” 

In April of 2019, the student-council-run canned food drive implemented an incentive to get people to participate. “[In previous years] when we didn’t have the competition,” Jess said, “we only had probably a couple of hundred cans.”  

In the Spring 2019 drive, the classes competed against each other for the class that brought in the most cans. The winner would receive $500 toward their graduating class’s executive council. 

According to Student Council, last year the juniors were in the lead during the whole week. Until, on Friday, the seniors and sophomores arose in the competition. The classes started bringing ramen because each ramen packet counted as one “can”. 

The seniors saw their placement on Friday morning and used their class money to leave during the school day and go buy more items for the drive before everything was counted, according to a representative from student council

The controversy caused the seniors to become disqualified and the sophomores ended up winning. Jess was disappointed in the outcome. 

“The idea that it’s going to families in our community was lost in the sense of competition.”

“Now that we know the way that it went and we have the experience,” Jess said. “We just implemented some new rules so that way it’s more fair and a friendlier competition.” 

This November the new rules are gravy packets do not count; ramen packets count as one quarter of a can; and leaving school to go buy cans is prohibited. 

“Bring in cans because it’s going to a good cause.”  Jess said. “May the best class win!”