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Taylor Swift’s 10th Studio Album ‘Midnights’: Don’t Skip It

Payje Davis

Senior Editor-In-Chief

A brand new album after two years is exactly what we needed from Taylor Swift. The release of Midnights is Swift’s tenth studio album following her last album in December 2020 with the release of Evermore.

Midnights broke two Spotify records in a singular day following its release. Breaking the record for the most streamed album in a single day, with an astounding number of 185 million streams globally. Knocking the previous holder of this title, Bad Bunny out of the spot by just 2 million streams. Swift also became the most streamed artist in just a single day. 

Swift is also the first person to have ever occupied all 10 spots in the top 10 of the billboard hot 100. Something no one else has ever managed to do. 

A lot of news outlets, such as Insider, expected the album to be similar to her 8 and 9 studio albums Evermore and Folklore. Which wasn’t the case. This album goes back to her pop roots with her 2014-2019 era of music (1989-Lover). There is the exception of a few songs that give the Folklore/Evermore feel that fans of those albums were longing for. 

Some of my personal favorite tracks come from her unexpected 3am tracks that she announced at 3am the same day as the album release (Oct 21). That encompassed 7 more tracks along with the initial 13 that were released, “Paris”, “The Great War”, and “High Infidelity” are just some of the 3am tracks that I really liked. 

However, my absolute favorite of the seven tracks was track 19, “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve”. A gut-wrenching track talking about a traumatizing relationship Swift got into at a young age that still haunts her. Many times throughout the song she sings “I regret you all the time” in a begging manner. 

Another gut-wrenching lyric featured in the chorus of the song is “And I D**n sure never would’ve danced with the devil, at 19.” This “19” lyric refers to her relationship with John Mayer whom she had with him in 2009 while she was 19 and he was 32. Meaning the pair had a 13-year age gap. Calling him “the devil” because it’s very weird how Mayer was 32 had an interest in a girl that’s over a decade younger than him. 

Overall I think this track is absolutely insane in the best way possible. A track that you would definitely scream to while you’re driving and people look at you like you’re a little insane. This song is also a reference to her song “Dear John” off of her third studio album, Speak Now and the two songs are often called “sister songs” by Swifties. (fanbase name for Taylor Swift fans)

My absolute favorite song out of the 20 songs is track 2, “Maroon”. It eludes to the iconic title track of her fourth studio album Red. Which also happens to be track 2. Coincidence? I think not, with Swift, nothing is a coincidence, she is very intentional about everything she does. 

Another thing about “Maroon”, the color itself is a darker shade of red. Making it almost seem like a more “grown-up” version of the color, which Swift is trying to portray between the two songs. This lyric from “Red”, “Causing loving him was Red” and this lyric from Maroon, “The lips I used to call home so scarlet it was, Maroon” are parallels to one another. Which, Swift is quietly telling the listeners that “Maroon” is a more grown-up version of “Red.” Personally, I think is so cool.

I knew this song was going to be my favorite from the initial announcement of the song during her “Midnights Mayhem With Me” series on TikTok before the album’s release. Just the name of the song sounded intriguing and like it was going to be good, and it in fact is, and lived up to all my hopes and expectations. 

Out of 10, I would rank the album a solid 9 out of 10. The album had set very high expectations. Which in my personal opinion, were met, I think they were even exceeded. There are obviously things that could’ve been done differently that would make the album a 10/10, however, I think what Swift put into the sound and production of this album was still insane and so good. 

The main thing I look for in Taylor Swift albums though is if it’s a “no skip album.” Can I listen to every song on the album and enjoy it or do I find the need to skip it when a specific song comes on? Considering the album has been out for a while, I can confidently say in the case of Midnights. It is a no-skip album.

Taylor Swift at the 2019 AMAs. Swift’s new album is absolutely fantasic.

Harry Styles’ new album captivates listeners once again

Maria Baker

Junior Editor-in-Chief

In the last couple of years, Harry Styles has been climbing the charts and his last couple of albums, including Fine Line and his newest one, Harry’s House are no exceptions. Harry’s House was released May 20, 2022, by Columbia Records and Erskine. The record of 13 songs comes at a length of about 42 minutes. This incredibly introspective album includes funk, pop rock, contemporary R&B, and synth-pop genres. 

The intriguing title of this record, Harry’s House, was inspired by another album, Hosono House by Haruomi Hosono. He also talked about the time spent in Japan. Styles heard the album Hosono House and instantly fell in love; thus, came Harry’s House in the process.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Styles explained how he named the record.

“Okay, imagine it’s a day in my house” Styles said, “what do I go through?”.

The setlist of the album does relate to Styles’s, well, style. Starting with, “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”, fans went crazy over this single. However, some fanatics noticed that the intro to the song sounded a little familiar, almost like the childhood classic, A.N.T Farm. China Anne McClain threatened to sue Styles over the familiarity, hence, the artist had to list her, the writer of the theme song in the “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” credits. 

The next song in Styles’ incredible setlist, is “Late Night Talking”. This song combines a party-like atmosphere with a beautiful melody. The music video for this stunning song came out July 13, 2022, and it alludes to the party-like chorus with the slumber party scenes.

Before the entire album was released, Styles hinted at the new album by releasing the hit single, “As it Was”. It was so popular that it topped the charts for a total of 10 weeks. The song’s lyrics imply going back in time and reliving the good times when he was in a relationship. 

Some other songs include “Grapejuice”, “Daylight”, “Daydreaming”, “Satellite”, and “Love of my Life”.  These records introduce the pop genres with indie-pop lyrics. The themes that are most prominent in this album are the feeling of liking or pinning over or the idea of someone.

“Keep Driving” is my favorite song on the album. The fast pace bridge in the middle is a lyrical masterpiece.

Most of the tunes on the record are upbeat, happy, and reminiscing about the good times; but three tracks are a little more contemporary than the others. These include, “Matilda”, “Little Freak”, and “Boyfriends”. These lyrics are slower and talk about the fall of relationships. At the beginning of “Boyfriends”, there is a lyric that is backward and when read forwards it reads, “Fool, you’re back at it again”, which implies the recurring relationship that isn’t the best. “Matilda” has lyrics that talk about a family that doesn’t support the relationship and how she can leave the family and be happy.

Personally, this is my favorite album that Styles has released. At first, I wasn’t fond of his tracks or music, however, this album is nothing less than perfect. This unique album has no skips either. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who hasn’t listened to Harry Styles and wants to know what his music sounds like. I rate this album a solid 5 stars.

Harry Styles performing his Love on Tour in 2021, if you like Harry’s House then you will love this album! https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Harry_Styles_-Xcel_Energy_Center9-22-2021-_29.jpg

Disney takes its turn with a streaming site

By Ryelee Stone

Opinions Editor

Streaming services provide different shows and movies that can appeal to everyone at the touch of their fingertips. I have found a streaming service that brings the magic of my favorite childhood memories to life.

A new streaming service that was recently released is Disney Plus. This streaming service provides shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Disney Plus was released to the public on Nov. 12, 2019. The founder of this streaming site is Disney, and the CEO, Bob Iger, was the one who announced the launch.

This streaming site is Disney’s way of participating in the world of online streaming shows and movies. Disney can bring in even more revenue while providing their fans access to their favorite shows and movies.

According to Disney Plus’ website, the cost of a subscription is more affordable than other services at a price of $6.99 per month, along with a seven-day free trial to allow people to test out the streaming service. There is even a discount of paying $69.99 per year that would save buyers around $13.

After a simple signing-up process, the main menu for the site is clean and easy to maneuver through. There is a search button like any other streaming site, but the shows and movies are divided into different categories.

There are the standard streaming categories to choose from, including the Recommended for You, Continue Watching, What’s Trending, and more. What is special to Disney Plus is that there are sections to pick selections from only Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, or National Geographic.

Around the time the site was launched, the continue watching section disappeared on the home screen. Disney fixed this issue two weeks after the launch, showing that their team is responsive to problems. 

Something for parents to be aware of is that when you open the Disney Plus app after setting up an account, you can pick whichever profile you want to get into. There’s hardly any challenge to unlocking the parent accounts and there’s not a strong child lock, but time will tell if this needs to be fixed.

A larger selection of shows and movies are available to choose from compared to other sites and R-rated movies are not provided. Disney Plus still lived up to the hype it received because of the quality of the shows and movies it provides.

I have watched classic childhood movies and shows from this site that brought nostalgic feelings while watching them. I have also binge-watched the television show “Boy Meets World,” and watching shows and movies on this streaming site feels normal.

Shows and movies that I watched with my family when I was younger are on this site, and it is an amazing feeling to revisit those simpler times. “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” and “Monster’s Inc.” are all the movies that I have watched recently with my whole family because we have a Disney plus account.

Disney Plus has made a great impression on me and I plan on continuing to use this streaming service for as long as I can. Netflix does not have access to all of the shows and movies that Disney Plus has, so it is a great service that provides new content.

The overall impression that I have about Disney Plus is that it’s an amazing streaming site that provides options that everyone can enjoy. If someone is curious about trying it out, they should because it is reasonably priced and is an overall smooth experience to use.