The Leonid Podcast is a student run auditory experience that gives both students and teachers an outlet to speak their minds. Listen up to some features and interesting conversations about a multitude of topics.

Sports on the Fly:

Kamyle Rikard, George Keene, and Kevin Keene recorded this episode to highlight their interest in sports. Stay tuned for more sports podcasts.

School Board Meeting:

After Governor Wolfe mandated mask wearing for Pennsylvania students and school teachers, hundreds of parents and students went to the school board meeting. Passionate speakers and school board members gave speeches about their personal opinions.

Self Discovery Episode:

Senior Logan Dill speaks about his dream to become a live theatre director. Logan realized his passion early on in life, but high school gave him the opportunity to explore his interest through the internship program. Now, Logan is going to college to learn more about theatre.

Logan Dill poses with Evie Janyszek after student directing a play. This was apart of the internship program, and Logan plans to direct more shows in the future.

Mental Health Episodes:

Junior Frankie Rizzo and guidance counselor Mrs. Scott shed some light on mental health issues in Red Lion. They elaborate on ways people can get health and how to reduce the stigma with mental health.