Red Lion Goes One-on-One

By Aubrie Wise Junior Editor-in-Chief The modern age is sweeping the nation in its push to go digital. Teachers are running Instagrams and using Bitmojis in the classroom and slowly districts are beginning to go one-to-one with Red Lion recently joining the buzz. Every student in the Red Lion Senior and Junior High School has their own device that they carry with them from class … Continue reading Red Lion Goes One-on-One

Assigned Parking for Students: A Simple Solution to an Ongoing Issue

By Cassidy Graham Public Relations Being a senior at Red Lion High School comes with its perks–late arrival, early release, parking privileges. Actually, forget about the parking privileges. With late arrival comes the struggles of finding a parking spot in the morning, and wondering if you will even have a spot to park. This problem could easily be fixed with one simple solution–assigned parking. Now, … Continue reading Assigned Parking for Students: A Simple Solution to an Ongoing Issue

Honoring Brooks Argento: “Brooks Breaks”

By Cora Beyer Current Events Editor “Brooks Argento fully lived, authentically and completely present,” said Joy Krosse, close friend of the Argento family. This idea seemed to be repeated over and over again at the memorial service held for Brooks Argento Saturday, September 22. It was a common theme as friends and family got up to speak about Argento and the fond memories they have … Continue reading Honoring Brooks Argento: “Brooks Breaks”

Student Ambassadors Invite More Members

By Sandra Phan Staff Writer Anyone entering high school experiences excitement from starting a new chapter of their lives, but the nervousness and anxiety about meeting and making new friends can’t be avoided. The intimidation and stress new students feel is the catalyst for the creation of student ambassadors. Adviser Ms.Erika Main’s current vision for this club is for 10th through 12th graders who want … Continue reading Student Ambassadors Invite More Members