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Election results declare Joe Biden the next President of the United States

By Kaitlyn Resline


Democrat nominee Joe Biden has been projected to win the 2020 election race against Republican incumbent Donald Trump.

Biden is currently leading with 279 electoral votes against Trump’s 214 votes, according to the Washington Post. Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris sets a precedent as the first female, Black-American, and Indian-American to hold the office of the Vice President.

Results are still being counted in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina. 

Biden is currently leading in Arizona with 0.4% of the votes and in Georgia with 0.2%. Trump is leading in North Carolina with 1.4% and in Alaska with 28.6%. 

As of November 10 the Senate is split 48-48. Party control is expected to be determined after the results of two Georgia run-off elections in January. Alaska and North Carolina have not called their races yet. 

The Democrats are expected to keep the 218 House of Representatives majority with a slim margin. They have lost four seats to Republicans, who currently have 201 seats.

Some races are still being determined as more mail-in-votes are counted. 

“Sit-down with People Magazine – Wilmington, DE – August 14, 2020” by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Ending a Shutdown, Entering a State of Emergency

By Cora Beyer

Political Editor

In its feeble beginning, 2019 has already seen the longest government shutdown in American history. As Congress battled it out about the federal funding bill, especially in regards to President Trump’s border wall, thousands of Americans were furloughed or working without pay.

The 35 day shutdown caused many government employees and their families a lot of anxiety. After weeks without pay, many workers were forced to obtain food from local food banks to support their families.

It is easy to assume that all of the people affected reside in the nation’s capital, and while a large majority of them do, the effects of this shutdown stretched across the country.

This includes people right here in Red Lion, Pennsylvania.

Red Lion student, Paige Griffin’s, father is employed for the National Park Service and was furloughed during the recent government shutdown.

“He isn’t home very often because of his job,” said Griffin. “So, it was actually nice having him around for a few weeks, but I could tell he would rather be working.”

As part of the deal when the government reopened, furloughed employees, including Griffin’s father, received back pay to compensate for the weeks without.

This same deal, made by Congress and approved by the President, only provided a three week period to create a lasting compromise on the federal budget.

Last Friday, that three week period ended and a couple resolutions were decided on. First, a second funding deal was reached by Congress. However, President Trump also declared a state of emergency in order to obtain funding for his iconic border wall.

It will become clearer in the weeks to come how long this state of emergency will last and how efforts to obtain border wall funding will be handled, but for the moment, the government is open and business as usual is being carried out.