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Masser Shoots Lights Out on Senior Night, Ladies Prepare for Postseason Run


The Lady Lions played their final regular season game vs Manheim Township on February 4 and came out with the win. Coach Dimoff’s basketball team finished with an impressive 16-6 record on the season.

Before the game, fans and players took the time to celebrate three seniors: Bhrooke Axe, Tatiana Virata, and Kamauri Gordon-Bey. The crowd cheered loudly as the seniors, with their families, walked out to the center court to be acknowledged.

Bhrooke spoke on this being her last season earlier in the week saying, “I think it’s gone pretty good so far,” Bhrooke said. “I think it’s definitely met up to what my expectations were.”

Our Ladies then dismantled Manheim Township showing off their whole array of skills. The first half clearly showed the Lady Lions were stronger, showing high intensity on both ends of the ball. But foul trouble became an issue.

All three seniors picked up three fouls early, leading to Coach Dimoff needing to go deep into his bench.

Grace Masser rises in the lane to put in the jumpshot over multiple Manheim Township defenders. The Lady Lions defeat Manheim Township 53-29 on a senior night. Matthew Keene

At the half, the score was 23-16 in favor of the Lions, with the leading scorers being Gordon-Bey, Grace Masser, and Axe all with six points. The third quarter was the turning point of this game. The Ladies came out firing, more specifically Masser.

In that quarter, the Lady Lions outscored the red-hot Manheim Township 18-3.

Coach Dimoff hinted at how good his team could be at their very best in a week prior to the game.

 “We are good enough to beat anybody, anybody, but when you are playing against solid teams, if we don’t go out there and give a good effort, we’re going to be able to get beat too,” Coach Dimoff said.

The final score would end up being 53-29, led by an absolutely dominating second half from the Ladies. The leading scorer was Masser who would end up scoring 17 of her 23 points in the second half.

Coach Dimoff spoke more about what he wanted to see from this game.

“This is the time of year where we don’t have time to step backwards…every time we step on the floor, it has to be a step forward, because that’s what it takes in the postseason,” Coach Dimoff said. “Each time we step on the floor we are improving.”

It’s now time for postseason basketball. Senior player Axe gave her opinion on what she thought it would take to make a deep postseason run.

“It’s just going to come down to our effort and how much we want it,” Bhrooke said. “That’s going to determine how far we make it.”

The Lady Lions have played very well this season, playing up to expectation, and will now do their best to get to states.

“Whatever effort they are putting on the floor against anybody, is that good enough to beat the best teams,” Coach Dimoff said. “If it’s not good enough to beat the best teams, it’s not a good enough effort.”

Kevin Keene

Multimedia Journalist