Club Sparks Second Graders’ Interest in STEAM Careers

Second graders look at the dry ice station with amazement as the high school students spray dry ice into their hands and watch it form into a bubble and fall apart in their hands in the form of vapor.

The second graders visited the high school for a day filled with fun and hands-on learning opportunities at STEAM Ahead last Thursday as they were led by STEAM high school students.

“I hope every day is like this day,” a second grader said to junior Jack Gulley, who is part of the STEAM club.

A Leonid reporter caught up with STEAM’s coordinator and Red Lion Science Teacher Mrs. DeLawder and her period 5 students and found out more about this valuable club.

“STEAM Ahead is an event for second grade students,” Mrs. DeLawder said, “and students have the opportunity to explore STEAM through attending eight different stations throughout the day.” 

The stations include math, engineering, chemistry, robotics, science, and more. “We have a very diverse experience for students, all focusing on the 4 C’s, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity,” Mrs. DeLawder explained. 

STEAM students are passionate about what they do and encourage more high school students to get involved. “I think it’s a good way to show change in the students and the younger kids,” senior Chloe Brubaker said. “I feel like if you like kids, it’s definitely something to do because you get to see a growth and interest in each subject as they realize learning can be fun and it’s not just something that they have to do everyday.”

In the near future, Mrs. DeLawder looks forward to expanding the club. “We are expanding into a new realm next year,” Mrs. DeLawder said. “We’re going to be taking our explorations of STEAM and putting them into the elementary building specifically, so we’re revamping the media centers to include a STEAM component.” 

Mrs. DeLawder is looking for new students to join STEAM next year, “you can come talk to one of us interns or Mrs. DeLawder, or even Mrs. Warner who does all the internships and she’ll give you a paper so you can fill it out and give it to any of us (STEAM Students),” said sophomore Marylee Geiger.

Perhaps the most valuable thing you can take away from this club “is taking the skills we’re doing and making them transferable,” said Mrs. DeLawder. “So, no matter if you want to go into science, technology, art, or math, or something different entirely, the skills that you are going to gain through this experience are going to be transferable to any career path that you choose to do.”

By George Keene

Sports Editor and Staff Writer

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