Top 5 Creative Exercises to Defeat Writer’s Block

Every writer has experienced the dreaded beast under the alias of “Writing Block” at some point. It’s a pain we all know but never talk about. If you ever find yourself trapped in that proverbial corner, here are some of the best writing tricks known to mankind, all compiled into one lovely list.

 Note: Before trying the following exercises, I’d recommend going for a walk, having some tea, or closing your eyes for a few moments. Do these first for the best results! 

  1. The 10-10-10 Rule:
  • Write down ten names, ten fun facts, and ten unique familial situations (i.e. financial issues, close sibling bonds, etc.). Then, match one of each randomly and build your characters from there.
  1. Write what you know:
  • It’s easier to produce writing about things you have experienced. Whether it be the happiest day of your life or a traumatic life event, let your emotions control what is being put on the paper. Make sure to keep the emotions raw and keep it real. 
  1. Find an object and write from its point of view:
  • What does it see? What does it have to say? If it has a certain emotion, why? Be creative! 
  1. Write from an unknown 1st-person point of view:
  • Leave it up to the reader to conclude who it is. The more vague, the better. Bonus: create a twist at the end.
  1. Write everything that comes to mind:
  • It could be a list, a poem, a short story, or even a constant run-on sentence. Spelling and grammar are the least important things at this moment, so put pen to paper and let everything you write convey your stream of consciousness. 

If this list didn’t help you, I don’t know what will! Hopefully, your writer’s block has diminished and you are well on your way to writing the next best seller book. Good luck! 

By Livi Foraker

Staff Writer

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