Lexi Lakatosh and Sophie Lanius Claw Their Way into States

By George Keene

Sports Editor in Chief

Doubles partners senior Sophie Lanius and sophomore Lexie Lakatosh preparing to return a ball in a match at the state tournament. Photo submitted by Sophie Lanius. Photo taken by Olivia Bowman

Senior Sophie Lanius and sophomore Lexi Lakatosh finished in the top eight at the state tennis tournament. 

The girls stole second place at the county tournament and second place at the PIAA District III 3A doubles tournament. Lanius and Lakatosh lost their finals matchup to Jen Manta and Judith Manta of Muhlenberg, 1-6, 5-7. 

After counties and districts, Lanius and Lakatosh found themselves in the Girls Tennis State Tournament. 

Lexie Lakatosh is one of the best players on the Red Lion Girls Tennis team, finding herself in the top slot of the rankings for the last two years. She swings with power and accuracy and won the singles county tournament last year. Her competitiveness was a major attribute in their success all season.

Her counterpart, Sophie Lanius, is a big hitter as well. They have been doubles partners for two years now. Lanius’s positive spirit was important when they faced some more difficult opponents all season.

Lanius told The Leonid about her time playing with Lakatosh as doubles partners. 

“Honestly we haven’t had one practice together for doubles this year,” she said jokingly. “My favorite thing is probably how intense she can be.”

Despite having such little practice time together, this season, they stayed on course and have had a successful year. Having played very few doubles matches all season, their natural chemistry has been a huge part of their success.

Tennis coach Troy Miller described it as a great finish to an “amazing season.”

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