Post-Pandemic Renaissance: Mr. Eck Provides Insight into the Re-Emerging Art Program

By Max Vigue

Multimedia Content Editor

After all the chaos of the 2020-2021 school year, the art program underwent a major change. Not only did they move from the second level to the tech wing, but Mr. Hopkins also retired. 

Despite the circumstances, the art program is beginning to reset itself on course. 

Seth Eck is the newly hired art teacher at Red Lion Senior High and teaches introduction to art, introduction to drawing, painting, and advanced drawing. He has now taught at all levels in K-12 education, starting out in middle school and then working in elementary school for six years.

Mr.Eck critiques his student’s project in Introduction to Art class. Eck helps students gain the benefits of self expression through their artwork.
Photo by Max Vigue

 Self-expression has many outlets, according to Mr. Eck, and had many benefits 

“Whether you’re doing a project for a different class or you’re learning to express yourself,” he said. “Whether it’s fashion, whether it’s art, it’s a healthy way to get emotions out, and learn about the world around you, and how to observe it, and recreate it if you want.”  

“To me, art isn’t everything,” said Mr. Eck  

Mr. Eck has been teaching for nearly over ten years, and Red Lion will be his third district.  Believing that reaching out to students is an important part of his job, he says his favorite part is,  “Building connections with people and helping foster their love of art.” he said.

Despite his passion for his current profession, being an art teacher was not his first choice for an occupation. 

“As a kid, I had all kinds of different aspirations to do stuff,” he said. “But my mom always told me how well I helped other people and taught them to do things naturally.”  

In addition to having  a natural talent for teaching, Mr. Eck has always had appreciation for the medium of art.

 “I always enjoyed it as a kid.” Mr. Eck said. “And then as I learned more in high school and the different kinds of art that’s out there.” 

“It seemed like that was what I was kind of meant to do, and to then teach others how to do so as well”. 

Before going to Edgewood Middle School for his first teaching job, Mr. Eck went to Millersville University for undergrad, from 2004 to 2009.  

“In college I had two jobs. I worked at the library. Almost the entire time I was there,” he said. “I also worked as an art technician in a computer lab in the art building helping people learn how to print their digital products.’

Mr. Eck’s teaching career has taught him many valuable lessons, especially what it takes to be a great teacher. 

“Just work hard, and continue to learn,’ Mr. Eck said. “I might know some things about art styles and art history and techniques, But there is always more that I can do personally, and to make my own art grow as an artist.” 

As Red Lion slowly begins to make up for lost time, teachers like Mr. Eck continue to lead the charge into bringing new life into elective programs, sparking a new renaissance for student creativity, and the first steps into a post COVID world. 

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