The Leo Club inducts the 2021 Red Lion Hall of Fame Nominees

By Genevieve Turner


The Leo Club inducted three alumni into The Red Lion Hall of Fame on Friday, Sept. 17. Dr. Dale Uhler, Ronald Fitzkee II, and Lt. Colonel Patrick Favey were the three individuals inducted on Friday.

Dr. Dale Uhler, class of 1960, was nominated and inducted in honor of his work in the Navy and the United States Government. Much of his professional career was private due to its classified manner. 

He began his career in the United States Navy in 1969, and then went on to work for the United States government. He served on the committee with the title Force Multiplying Technologies for Logistic Support to Military Operations, including the Board on Army Science and Technology and Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences. The report of this committee was published by the National Research Council of the National Academies in a book sharing the same title as the committee. 

Dr. Uhler died on June 3, 2015 and is survived by his wife, Treva, and his two children. 

Ronald Fitzkee II, class of 1973, was inducted due to his extensive work within the construction field. While in high school, Mr. Fitzkee was involved with many different organizations such as football and Red Lion’s own quartet. 

He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Secondary Education. After three years of teaching, he left to pursue a career in the world of business. He rose quickly within his company to Division Manager and was responsible for one third of the country’s aerosol manufacturing. Today, he lives with his wife, Esther, and his two Siberian huskies.

Fitzkee joins his father Ronald “Abe” Fitzkee, and his brother Scott Fitzkee in the Hall of Fame. “There is absolutely no doubt that everything that I am is from growing up in Red Lion” says Mr. Fitzkee. “Certainly growing up in the late ‘50s and early ‘70s is different than today, but the values, the expectations, the morals, the motivations were the same. That’s how we were driven, that’s how we were raised.”

Lt. Colonel Patrick Falvey, class of 1975, was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his work in both the United States Air Force and Duke University Hospital. In high school he was involved in the band where he played the tuba and was a basketball manager.  He earned his LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse, from York Vo-tech and a bachelor’s degree from UNC-Wilmington.

Lt. Colonel Falvey took a position at Duke University Hospital, working in the Emergency Department. In 1990, he transferred to Life Flight, the Aeromedical Transport program at Duke, a position he still maintains. 

In 2008, the United States Air Force Reserve commissioned 50-year-old Lt. Colonel Falvey as a Critical Care Aeromedical Transport Nurse. Lt. Colonel Favey has had three combat deployments and has flown more than 25 combat missions. 

“There is a mom, dad, siblings and children waiting for every patient, for every Wounded Warrior” answers Lt. Colonel Falvey when asked why he continues to fly. “There are more memories for them to make together. This is what we do”.

Lt. Colonel Falvey is married and has two sons, Sean and Mark Falvey. He has hiked the Grand Canyon twice, finished three marathons and numerous triathlons, and twice swam across the Chesapeake Bay. 

These three impressive inductees join the ranks of over ninety other Red Lion Leo Club Hall of Fame members. The review of nominations and selection of inductees occur each summer. After selections of candidates are made, the Hall of Fame award ceremonies take place in the fall.

Full biographies of the inductees, along with an interview program, are available on the Leo Club website at

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