Academic Prep to return to schedules October 15

By Kaitlyn Resline


Academic Prep is returning to the high school schedule on Thursday, October 15. 

Right now, the class periods are 42 minutes, but they will become 37 minutes once AP is added. Ten minutes will also be taken away from the transition times for lunch.

The lunch periods will not be shorter, but the new schedule has removed the transition time between the shifts. 

AP will follow a day six schedule. It will occur between periods four and five. On day six, clubs will occur during AP, similar to how the schedule was last school year. 

The schedule change will occur from October 15 up to the end of the first marking period, October 28. Then the administration will evaluate if adding AP back was a good idea. 

Mr. Mark Shue, principal of RLASHS, said the conversation to bring back AP happened with the department heads. They discussed what things they felt worked well in the past, and they believed AP was something that worked well for everyone. 

Having AP will allow students to make up tests without missing class time or coming in before or after school. 

“This way we have time devoted within the school day when we can get all that done,” Mr. Shue said. 

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