Senior maintains ‘Mind Escape’ literary magazine

Using both her writing and artistic skills, Danielle Santana Denrich reads over and reviews a piece submitted for the Literary Magazine, Mind Escape. Pieces can be submitted using this form in order to be considered for publication. Photo by Kaitlyn Resline.

By Kaitlyn Resline

Student Life Editor

When Danielle Santana Denrich was assigned a passion project for Mrs. Jane Dennish’s Honors English 3 class, she did not realize she would continue the project after junior year. However, sometimes it works out that way. 

Santana Denrich started Mind Escape, a Red Lion High School literary magazine during the 2019-2020 school year, but continued it because she enjoyed it. The website is an opportunity for students to showcase their creative works, as well as view works from their peers. 

If students are interested in submitting work they can click on the About Us page of the website where there is a link to submit work. Once she receives the work, Santana Denrich reviews the pieces to make sure they are suitable for publication. 

“Some difficulties with picking pieces is the grading process,” Santana Denrich said. “Grading someone based on their creativity can be purely subjective and it’s up to me to make sure I am unbiased and grade objectively.”

The website is currently under construction to be renovated. Santana Denrich wants to set it up so that readers and click on a story and read it instead of scrolling to find it on the page. Visitors to the site are still welcome to view the Writing Tips and Tricks page or submit work while the website is being revamped.

“I use a lot of skills from knowing conventions and grammar and my own creativity to be able to read through each piece to determine which one goes on the site,” said Santana Denrich. “Then I also use my artistic knowledge for the website design and setup and also which piece goes where based on how each story is told.”

Mrs. Rochelle Bupp has become an informal adviser for the project but Santana Denrich took charge of the project. Mrs. Bupp explained that she took care of everything, all of the little details. 

“She is very passionate about writing,” Mrs. Bupp said. “She wanted a way to share her love with everyone, and give a place to show other people’s writings.”

Santana Denrich hopes the project encourages students to express themselves creatively beyond their core English classes. She hopes someone will take over the project next year after she graduates, or else it will fade out. 

“My goal with this project is for everyone to appreciate the creativity that many students have but don’t have a way to show it,” said Santana Denrich. “I think it’s beneficial to the high school because it shows an appreciation to each of the student’s creativity and I hope it also inspires others to delve into their imagination and to maybe submit something themselves!”


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