Shaw Shows Success in Strong Season

Margaux Rentzel

Social Media Editor and Marketing Director

Junior Makiah Shaw dribbles down the court while looking for her team to work with her to win the game. The game was played in the Fitzkee center on January eighth against Dallastown. Photo by Randy Fizer.

SWIIIISHHHHH! The six-foot forward, Makiah Shaw shoots the basketball and scores yet another basket. Shaw’s long arms help her to maintain the block when playing the game. The sounds of squeaky shoes, screaming fans, and the blows of a whistle fill the Fitzkee center when the Lady Lions basketball team plays. The gymnasium is filled with ecstatic fans, parents, and friends cheering for the basketball team. 

The juniors on the Lady Lions basketball team have displayed success this season. Only one senior on the team has caused the five juniors to step up and offer more guidance than juniors on the team have had to in the past. 

“Those juniors have had to take a leadership role on the team,” head coach Don Dimmof said. “And they have done a very nice job of that.”  

Shaw, as well as the other juniors, have shown their guidance and leadership on the team to not only each other but also to the younger players. 

“During times of sadness they pick us back up and give us encouragement,” sophomore and player on the Lady Lions basketball team, Maddie Barlow said. “They are like big sisters to us.” 

Forward Makiah Shaw has shown success in her season by totaling 21 points in a single game, 12 points of which were over the arch. Shaw has been the leading scorer in a number of games but has her team to thank for working together so well with her. 

Compared to other forwards in the league, Shaw is on the smaller side but that does not belittle her athletic capability. 

“Everyone always wants to look at the points and that is obviously important,” Dimmof said. “But she’d be the first to tell you her teammates are a big reason she is the leading scorer.” 

Shaw and her team have gone 19-4 for their 2019-2020 season, and are far from done. 

“I am just working on being the best player I can be,” Shaw said. “And I think I’ve done a pretty good job at that.” 

Shaw started playing basketball when she was six years old and has not stopped since. She has come back every year to play basketball and fuel her passion for it and hopes to take that enthusiasm to college for basketball. 

“I just love the game and how intense it can be.” Shaw said. “I have always been in love with the sport which has motivated me to come back to it.” 

Some current players that she played with when she was younger include Chloe Tollinger, Asia Eames, Madisson Shellenberger, Julia Bieler, all of whom are juniors with Shaw, and Sarah Wolf, who is the senior on the team. 

“We’ve just grown up together and I think that connection and chemistry are what helps now,” Shaw said. “Especially since we are older.” 

Coach Dimmof also believes the harmony the team has is crucial in maintaining a successful team.

“That’s why we play so much in the spring and summer,” Dimmof said. “To build the team chemistry.” 

Although the season is nearing its end, the team is not done yet, and still has the hope of counties, districts, and states in their reach. Their unstoppable teamwork and humble attitude have taken them this far, and the whole community has hopes that it will take them even further. 

“I think we have the potential to be very good,” Dimmof said. 

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