Aaron Hernandez: The Shocking Truth Revealed in New Netflix Series

By Emily Ankers            


In the recently released documentary “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez,” the gruesome details of the NFL star turned convicted murderer are revealed and explained in the three-episode Netflix Original that was released on January 15 of this year. While the series has had an overall positive rating, some see some major issues within it.

The series, produced by Terry Leonard and directed by Geno McDermott, has been criticized for its unethical exploitation of his presumed sexuality. The documentary begins with its focus on Hernandez’s natural ability in football, his home life, and his overall personality. This quickly turns into accusations of Hernandez being a homosexual without any evidence except a personal testimony from a childhood friend.

This case in particular caught the attention of many because the accused was a tight end football player for the Patriots. He was well known for his natural talent at the sport and his successful run in the NFL after being drafted at a young age.

Hernandez, 23, with a daughter and fiance at the time of arrest, has since died, leaving the acustations to be made against him without any opportunity to defend himself. 

The focus on Hernandez’s sexuality is constant throughout the documentary, though it is not the only focus. The producers used the documentary to shed light into Hernandez’s behavior and demeanor throughout all his life. 

The documentary focuses a majority of its time on dissecting the character of Hernandez and the days and months leading up to the crimes. The heart wrenching scenes of individual interviews with family and friends of the victims was effective in taking away any sympathy for Hernandez.

As the majority of the series was personal interviews with journalists, criminal investigators, and friends, a clear image of whom Hernandez was and who he had become was painted. The shocking allegations made against the late Hernandez in the sit down conversations with an old family friend attempted to explain away Hernandez’s actions by stating he was a closeted homosexual man. 

The actual footage from the trials helped the viewer connect the situation with reality instead of a fantasy series. The series ended with the news report of Aaron Hernandez’s suicide after an unconfirmed source publicly bashed and mocked his accused sexuality. 

The information provided throughout the series regarding the case and early family life for Hernandez has all been confirmed and was presented in a way that showed Hernandez as a twisted individual instead of an all-star athlete that can get away with what he pleases.

The documentary was one that was captivating to watch as the viewer was able to see Hernandez unravel throughout his trial. The amount of detail revealed about the cases and Hernandez’s personal life left the viewer intrigued and horrified at what another human being is capable of. People should see this documentary in order to see that the people that are idolized can be sick and twisted individuals.

The picture of Hernandez shown in the image above is one of the official posters used by Netflix to promote the series. The poster shows a picture from Hernandez’s trial that has been altered.
A rating out of five stars.

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