RL Alumnus exhibits her pride

By Margaux Rentzel 

Social Media Editor and Marketing Director

Not many people can say that they teach at the same school that they were taught at. Alumnus Megan Axe, a graduate of the class of 2001, can say that she does. 

Ms. Axe came back to Red Lion in August of 2008 to teach at the Senior High after going to York College. “They were looking for a teacher that could teach advanced placement government,” Ms. Axe said, “and my name came up.” 

Ms. Axe is the social studies department head at the Senior High School. She teaches 9th grade U.S. History as well as advanced placement U.S. history. 

“Teaching is not necessarily just a job,” Ms. Axe said, “it is a calling to give back to the next generation and contribute to society by creating an educated and active citizenship.” 

Ms. Axe keeps herself busy in the high school by being the yearbook co-adviser as well as musical props director and house manager. But, in her free time, Ms. Axe visits presidential libraries and homes. 

“Where we are located in Pennsylvania,” Ms. Axe said, “we are surrounded by the foundation of America.”

Ms. Axe is passionate about history and was inspired by her history teachers in high school. “I was fortunate enough to have a series of history teachers in junior high and high school that I greatly respected and admired,” Ms. Axe said, “and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.” 

One specific teacher that inspired her was Henry Stoner, who taught her U.S. History in the 10th grade.

 “Henry Stoner had a saying that he actually took from his mentor.” Ms. Axe said, “It was ‘Good better best, never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best’, and that stuck with me.” 

Jay Vasellas also inspired Ms. Axe after teaching her for twoyears in high school. “He is ultimately who hired me.” Axe said, “I got to work with him for several years as he mentored me.” 

Most students can’t look at their teachers and ponder that they will be their coworkers someday. “Some of the people I’m working with now educated me,” Ms. Axe said. 

Since hired, Ms. Axe wants to inspire her students the way her teachers and mentors influenced her. Ms. Axe wants to see students become career-ready when they leave high school. 

“We need to make sure that [students] are choosing paths that are going to be fulfilling for them in life.” Ms. Axe said, “You need a career that you are gonna want to get up every day and go to that job and work passionately.” 

Ms. Axe cares for her students and her teaching shows that. “I’ve been to a lot of schools and have never met another teacher like Ms. Axe,” sophomore, Shana Carey said. “She genuinely cares about US history and wants all of her students to learn and succeed.” 

As an alumnus and teacher who now works at her former high school, Ms. Axe shows pride in being a former Red Lion student. 

“I’ve always been a Red Lion Lion,” Ms. Axe said. 

Ms. Axe

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