A Red Lion alumnus is back in the high school

By Ryelee Stone

Opinions Editor

Benjamin Stein is a teacher at the Red Lion Area Senior High School who can be seen working hard to educate his students in his classroom. He is a Red Lion alumnus who decided to return to the high school he graduated from Millersville University to pursue his teaching career.

Mr. Stein graduated from the senior high in 2001 and was the treasurer of his class. After teaching at the School District of Lancaster, he joined the Red Lion teaching staff in 2014. 

In the classroom, Mr. Stein teaches all the levels of the French language that are provided at the school and the culture of France. Another responsibility that he has is being the co-advisor of the National Honor Society, which he was a part of as a high school student.

“I have always loved learning,” Mr. Stein said, “and I wanted to help others learn.” He is passionate about the foreign language program at the school and wants to give all students the opportunity to learn about foreign languages if they are willing to put in the work.

Although high school can be a difficult time, students can still learn information that will prepare them for the future. Students can make memories with their friends and teachers that will last a lifetime.

“I had a positive experience here as a student,” Mr. Stein said. “I wanted to help others have a positive experience here too.” 

Mr. Stein strives to teach his students to the best of his ability. He not only informs students about the courses he teaches, but also relates the classroom work to real life learning skills that will be needed later on in life. 

“He always gives very in depth explanations,” junior Alex Slusser said. “He is a teacher who seems more like a friend than an adult you have to forcibly respect.”

Some people may think it is almost strange to want to work at a place where one spent so many hours learning during their teenage years. Other people see this as a good opportunity to repay the place that they grew up in.

“My favorite part of working here is giving back to the community that I was a part of when I was a student,” Mr. Stein said. “The faculty is wonderful to work with as well.”

Since he has attended Red Lion as a student, the school has physically grown due to renovations. The schedules students have also changed because periods are longer, there are more class periods, and students have more freedom with picking elective classes.

“I would like to see the foreign language program grow,” Mr. Stein said. “If the language department could work in conjunction with other circula then I think that would be beneficial.”

Mr. Stein plans to continue teaching at the Red Lion Area Senior High School. He is the contact person for his class and is still friends with the people he spent his time with when he was a student in high school.

Mr. Benjamin Stein

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