Competition cheerleading flies to success

By Julia Beiler, Sports editor

With three districts wins in the past four years, seven consecutive county wins, has competed eight times in the state rounds, and has made it to the top five in states, the competition cheerleading team has grabbed all these accomplishments over the years.

December 7, 2019, the competition cheerleading team traveled to districts to compete for the District 3 title. They came out successful in this competition making this their third time coming first in districts. 

They have also recently competed at counties on November 23, 2019, coming out victorious again in their county championship making this their seventh consecutive county win. They also attended regionals on November 24, 2019, this regional competition gave the team a bid to nationals. 

The regional competition was to see if they scored high enough to go to Nationals, which they did. 

Coach Angela Masser shows great passion for her team and the sport. Earning these championships means a lot not only to her but to the team as a whole.

“That is something that is special to us,” Masser said. “Because when we first won it was as if we made history because we finally got a banner in the gym.” 

That sheet of cloth is something that is monumental is more than just a win. It is something that will always be recognized by the team every time they walk into the gym and look up at it. 

Through the eyes of the coaches, they see the potential in their team. 

“This team is really good at coming together and never giving up,” Coach Ashleigh Reinert said, “so it means a lot.” 

Stepping onto the mat is something the team shows great pride in. Masser states that they only get one shot to perfect their routine in the competitions. This one-shot determines their ranking, so putting their everything into their performance shows their talent and dedication to the sport. 

This year, the team will be going to the state finals for their eighth year in a row. No matter what the competition is, the team will be putting their all into winning, just like in the past performances they had at counties and districts. 

“Any win that anybody has is always good,” Masser said. “It feels awesome because all of the hard work and hours of work you put into it pays off.”

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