Red Lion students are involved in the career center

By Ryelee Stone

Opinions Editor

Mrs. Morris (Career Coordinator)

From the young age of 14-years-old, students are expected to know and plan out their entire future career. With high school already being stressful enough, it can be hard for students to know where to go when they need help.

The career center at Red Lion Area High School provides opportunities for students to see the different career choices that are available in the world. Getting prepared and exposed to the various amount of paths to take can be intimidating, but the career center helps with this process.

Mrs. Kimberly Morris has been the career coordinator full time for three years. She is now in charge of over 38 career exploration programs.

“I do what I do because I love helping kids,” said Kimberly Morris. “That is my goal for each year, to help every kid I possibly can.”

Internships, job shadows, mentoring/pre-apprenticeship programs, volunteering opportunities, and more can all be found at the career center. These opportunities allow students to discover what they like and see if they actually want to work in a certain field or not.

“I receive more in return from their ‘I think I’m on the right path’ to ‘I’ve figured it out’ types of comments than the students will ever know” Mrs. Morris said.

Junior Lauren Radcliffe signed up for the YCAL career exploration program for law. She met with students from Red Lion and other schools to learn about what they will be doing in the program over the next few months.

“The career center helps a lot when you are trying to find internships or jobs to shadow,” junior Lauren Radcliffe said. “The people there are willing to go the extra mile to help you.”

Mrs. Morris truly cares about the students she helps along the way. Years later, she will sometimes run into students who now have their own jobs that Mrs. Morris has aided in the past.

“And I may not know now; maybe it’s years from now, but I remember an interest, a passion, and I smile and say, ‘I’m so proud of you.’”

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