Field of Screams: Festivities of Fear

The the greeting party for Field of Screams was also found chasing attendees around the grounds. Field of Screams from September 13 through November.

By Emily Ankers


Just off route 30 is a small desolate area that has been morphed into a Halloween utopia filled with fun in fear. Since the late 90’s, Field of Screams has been a highly attended event across all areas. 

Found on 191 College Ave., the attraction is a thirty minute drive from Red Lion. The cost is $35 to gain access to all four attractions, and the scares begin at five thirty in the evening.

Starting Sept 13, the season of scares begun for the Lancaster location of Field of Screams.

When you enter the main entrance, you are met with people wandering around in character creating scares before entering any attraction. 

As far as attractions go, there are four that have been there from the beginning; two outdoor and two indoor. The attractions are as follows, The Haunted Hayride, The Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, and Nocturnal Wasteland.

The Haunted Hayride is a favorite among many that attend Field of Screams because of the hands-on approach they take during the ride. After the attendees board the hayride, they are taken into multiple different barns that then have the doors closed and the light turned off. 

This year, Field of Screams introduced a new portion of the hayride. This was a makeshift lab said to house criminals with mutant powers. 

During the attraction on Sept 14, this portion faced some technical difficulties, though the actors did not break character while the staff worked to fix the problem.

In the other attractions, everything went as planned and even as attendees attempted to make the staff break character, they stuck to the script and continued to provide scares to all who passed through. 

The overall atmosphere and behavior from the staff made the experience a pleasant one for all who were there. 

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