Choir begins practice for their “headlining” mini-musical “Newsies”

By Chelsea Napoli

Staff Writer

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Red Lion Senior High Choir is putting on their final concert featuring songs from the Disney musical “Newsies.”

This musical is based on the actual newsboy strike of 1899, which was a youth-led campaign against the rise of newspaper prices due to the Spanish American War.

Newspaper publishers Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, refused to lower their prices and the newsies weren’t able to afford the papers to sell, while also having to pay for their living requirements.

“Newsies” follows the story of Jack Kelly, a rather rebellious newsboy who wants to get away from the big city. But when the local publishing giant raises newspaper prices at the newsboy’s expense, he and his fellow comrades take action.

Instead of putting on an actual musical, the choir is selecting a few songs that are most notable or popular. The show will also have dancing and featured soloists.

“It’s twelve to fifteen minutes long. It’s just highlights of songs that are in the musical and we put choreography with it,” said Mr. Wise, Senior High choral director. “There’s usually not a ton of acting that goes on in it or costumes like our regular musical.”

The show will feature songs like “King of New York”  with soloists Megan Gilbert, Logan Dill, Alex Snyder, and Mitchell Wise.

This end of the year production recognizes seniors who have been heavily involved in the choir. The most notable seniors are voted upon by the entire choir. Those seniors then recieve rewards at the end of the concert.

Gilbert took part in choreographing the show along with junior Sarah Foess. After the two filled out resumes as to why they would be good candidates to choreograph and run practices, they were chosen by Mr. Wise to do so.

Wise had to consider overall dance experience, choral history, and leadership ability.

“We started with the ending song to make sure it has the most impact,” said Gilbert. “We want it to be the strongest and most important song.”

Foess and Gilbert met after school for three days for about nine to ten hours in total to make this whole show happen.

“It wasn’t always easy, sometimes we were stumped of what to do,” said Gilbert. “We regularly looked at reference videos and had to consider the ability of the entire choir.”

The mini musical will include students from all grade levels of the choir, no matter the experience level.

The choir will hold practice every Monday night until the night of the concert on Sat., Apr. 27 at 7 p.m.

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