Seniors sweep the StuCo Canned Food Drive competition amid controversy

By Aubrie Wise

Junior Editor-in-Chief

Red Lion Student Council released a new incentive for this year’s can food drive. To increase involvement, the graduating classes were pitted against one another in a competition to raise the most cans. The winning class received $500 towards their class budget, and Sheetz coupons for every student.

The incentive worked. This year’s canned food drive brought in 10,499 cans which is almost 10,000 higher than previous years.

“I think that definitely got people in the spirit,” Stuco adviser Jane Dennish replied when asked if she thought the competition drove up the number of cans. “Hopefully they can see past the point of getting money and getting coupons, and see what good they are doing in their community.”

The senior class of 2019 brought the most cans at 4,217. This came much to surprise to the junior class who were in the lead for most of the week.

During the weeks leading up to the food drive, and the week of, a video featuring junior Adam Naylor singing a parody of “I’m the Man” called “Bring in Cans” played on the announcements, encouraging juniors to bring in cans to support their class.

“I thought our advertisement was really well received, so I’m a little surprised that we didn’t win,” Junior Class President Emma Hively said. “Still, we’re pleased with the participation from each class and we’re happy to have filled the local food bank.”

However, the senior class would not be beat. On the last day of the competition, seniors brought in thousands of cans to put their class over the top. They made all the stops, spending their own money to help their class. Senior Joe Benge spent $70 on 864 boxes of cereal.

“I did it because the seniors were losing and I wanted second place,” Benge said. “And now we won, so I think it turned out just fine!”

A reliable source close to the senior executive council revealed that the senior’s win is under review by administration.

The purpose of the can food drive was to donate money to a local food bank that feeds families in the district.

“The food bank was very grateful,” Mrs. Dennish said. “They are running out of money as well, and we feed over 200 families in the school district with that.”

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