Administration takes action against bathroom vandalism

By Brandon Bosley

Staff Writer

Administration is facing problems with the boys bathrooms at the high school, from trash being thrown on the floors and things being ripped off the walls, to stalls being destroyed and issues with students vaping.

Principals at Red Lion are well aware of what is going on in the bathrooms, but what is not as clear cut is the solution.

“There isn’t a clear solution but to try to get the students to stand up to it,” said Principal Mark Shue.

Administration wants students to take pride in their school and stand up to these disrespectful outbursts. But administration is facing issues with the “snitch” mentality.

Mr. Shue said that this is not the only time they have had issues with this type of behavior, but it comes and goes. He also added that the vandalism has been spread out and is never consistent in one bathroom.

Male students asked about the bathroom vandalism were rather angry, but others had no idea it was even happening. Those that did, were not amused.

“There are vulgar things written on the wall, kids throwing food around and just straight up destroying the place,” said senior Nick Krystofiak.

Some students said that they are nervous sometimes to even go to the bathroom because they don’t know who will be in there and what they might be doing. Freshman, Jase Adomanis said that in one bathroom an entire wall has been ripped off of a stall.

In addition stall doors have been removed by students and even mirrors ripped off of the wall. All of this misbehavior has caused administration to make some changes.

There are now changes to the schools bathroom policies. Teachers now must always have a sign out sheet and the student must sign out. Teachers also need to see who is going before they can go, and only one person at the bathroom at a time.

These acts have also caused some bathrooms to be closed around the school. It started with the bathroom in the lunchroom which was closed for a day, now administration has completely closed the bathroom in the language hall due to vandalism and misbehavior.

During its peak, school resources officer Marc Greenly stated that they would find something new being done to a bathroom two to three times a week. Since the policies have been changed and closings have been made there has been a major decrease in vandalism counts.

In comparison to the boys bathroom, every girl that was interviewed stated that there is little to no vandalism in the girls bathroom, and they find it unfair that they are being punished for the boys actions in the bathrooms.

School officials are taking a lot of action but they also ask that students step up, support, and take pride in their school to stop the vandalism and misbehavior.

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