Senior executive council strives to plan perfect 2019 Prom night

By Marissa Burd


Prom is supposed to be last “hoorah” of a high schooler’s senior year. It’s a time to dress up and dance to the most popular songs that came out over the last four years of high school while memories from previous years of dances flow in.

This Spring of 2019, Red Lion’s senior class will spend their last “hoorah” on May 18 from 6-10 p.m. at The Bond for a night on “Cloud 9.”

The Bond was the class of 2018’s Prom venue as well. Located on E. King Street in York, The Bond is known as “Central Pa’s first industrial event place,” according to its website

The theme was created after the color blue was chosen for the theme. Clouds were then associated with the color and senior executive council member Mariah Saylor thought of the theme Cloud 9.

The theme of being on “Cloud 9,” means to be in a state of happiness, which is the goal of the night, said senior executive council member Chloe Warner. “We want it to be pleasing to their eyes and make it look like we spent a lot of time on it,” said Warner, “We want to make it enjoyable.”

The senior executive council has spent countless hours planning Prom over the past couple of years. “We started our executive council in the middle of our tenth grade year,” said secretary Brooke Stern, “The beginning of eleventh grade is when we started planning Prom.”

The venue’s tables will be decorated with three different types of centerpieces. One table will have a mason jar with flowers, another with picture frames, and the last with balloons.

Students attending Prom may also take pictures at a photobooth.

Cotton candy will be a provided dessert for guests to eat.

Closer to the date of Prom, the senior executive council will release the prices of the singles and doubles tickets.

On Sat. of May 18, the doors at The Bond will be open from 6-7 for a night on Cloud 9.

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