The senior executive council invites students to Winter Formal dance

By Marissa Burd


The senior executive council has planned a 2019 Winter Formal dance, welcoming all of Red Lion High School students to the commons on Sat, Feb. 23.

The dance will be held from 7-10 p.m. for Red Lion High School students only.

A ticket will cost just $12 and they are to be sold in singles.

“It was a good fundraising idea,” said Chloe Warner a senior executive council member.

The purchase of a ticket will not only guarantee a fun night, but will benefit the senior executive council because the proceeds will go towards Prom and graduation expenses.

As grades 11-12 may recall, in 2017 a Winter dance was to be held in the old gymnasium but was cancelled due to the minimum amount of tickets sold.

Senior executive council’s secretary Brooke Stern has hopes that this year will be more successful because the setting of the Winter Formal dance will not be held in the old gymnasium.

“The dance will be in the commons,” said Stern, “We are also going to advertise more.”

The dance is to be decorated with snowflakes and white lights to go along with a “Winter Wonderland” theme.

Phil Douglas, a senior executive council member as well as an aspiring rap artist, is the DJ for the night.

All students attending the dance are supposed to wear formal attire, such as short dresses, dress pants, and dress shirts.

Tickets are currently being sold during lunch shifts, up until Feb. 15.

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