Remind Service sends out a cry for help from Verizon users to “#ReverseTheFee”

By Aubrie Wise

Junior Editor-in-Chief

Remind Service alerted all Verizon users late Tuesday, Jan 15 night that they would no longer be receiving text notifications starting on Monday, January 28 due to an extra fee Verizon is imposing on Remind.

Remind pays for all messages sent and received through the app, however, with Verizon’s up charge, Remind estimates it will increase the cost of the text notifications for them by 11 times the original cost. Verizon’s intent for the additional fee was to prevent spam messages being sent out over their network.

“Remind messages aren’t spam,” Remind Service argues in an article attached with the notice text message. “But that hasn’t helped resolve the issues with Verizon.”

Nearly 7 million people including students and educators have Verizon Wireless as their carrier and therefore will be affected by this upcharge according to the article. This will lead to a huge impact among schools as teachers who have relied on Remind for years will now have to find another way to contact their students outside of the school building.

There is a solution. Remind encourages people to contact Verizon through calling the company or even reaching Verizon through the social media outlet Twitter @Verison in hopes to protest the fee using the hashtag “#ReverseTheFee” and “#NotSpam.”

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