Students Introduce New Politics Club

By Cora Beyer

Current Events Editor

This school year seems to be characterized by change. This can be seen from laptops for everyone to new teachers and classmates. Another exciting change that might be overlooked is the addition of new clubs, specifically the Politics Club.

The Politics Club is a place that allows students to, not only discuss politics from all points of view but extend their learning and come up with ways to improve the world around them.

A small group of students feels that it is important for them to be involved in their community and found common ground as they developed this new club.

“The politics club will be open all to students who wish to engage in constructive political dialogue and discuss pressing issues in our political climate,” according to the description written by senior and co-founder of the Politics Club, Amber Moskos. “It is ideal for students with a high level of political efficacy and knowledge of U.S. government…”

The founders of the Politics Club want to ensure that everyone has the chance to make educated decisions so that students have the capacity to influence the future government in a positive way.

“It’s important to be educated on what is going on,” club adviser and government teacher Mr. Garrett Bull said. “That’s one of the problems that the Founding Fathers ran into. People need to know enough to know who they are electing.”

Bringing this to a smaller scale, this new club will also be useful for preparing students for AP Government class. The goal is to make it a forum where past and current students can get together to share tips and information.

“I would like it to be an extension of AP Government,” said Mr. Bull. “It’s a good place to talk about current events, which we don’t always have time for in class.”

In addition to gaining knowledge, the leaders of this club also hope to find ways to be active in the political community. Despite the young age of students in high school, there are still ways to get involved, and one of the biggest questions that the students in this club are asking themselves is, “What can we do right now?”

“I hope we can start identifying the beliefs of our school,” says senior and co-founder of Politics Club Joe Benge. “Then, we can come together as a community.”

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