Assigned Parking for Students: A Simple Solution to an Ongoing Issue

By Cassidy Graham

Public Relations

Being a senior at Red Lion High School comes with its perks–late arrival, early release, parking privileges. Actually, forget about the parking privileges.

With late arrival comes the struggles of finding a parking spot in the morning, and wondering if you will even have a spot to park.

This problem could easily be fixed with one simple solution–assigned parking.

Now, I know what other people may be thinking. We don’t need assigned parking; it creates more problems and is too much of a hassle.

In fact, that is just what administration said about this issue when it came up during RSVP. However, why would it cause any more hassle than the parking does now?  

Assigned parking for students is already taking place at most high schools. I am not suggesting that every student has an individual parking spot for themselves, but that the parking areas are sectioned off for students by grade level.

Second tier should consist of only seniors, and third tier of juniors. This gives juniors something to look up to and work for- better parking.

If the “substitute parking lot” were strictly for late arrival students, this would allow for those students a closer spot to the main office, and guaranteed parking.

Second period starts at 8:27a.m., although administration prefers students with late arrival to be at school before then, preferably earlier than 8:22 a.m., when first period ends.

The problem with this, however, is that even if a student comes to school on time, there is no guarantee of a secured parking spot. For the most part, second and third tier consists of cars of juniors and seniors who do not have late arrival.

This is great for them, having a brisk walk to the commons, but for students arriving after them, they are not so lucky.

Third tier, if there are even any parking spots available, is so far away from the main office, where you have to enter on late arrival, that you might as well get there at regular time.  

Last year, students with late arrival were even restricted from parking in the “substitute parking lot,”although administration seems to be less strict on that rule this year.

This problem could easily be fixed, with one simple solution. So I am encouraging everyone to stand up to administration and let them know how you feel.

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