Student Ambassadors Invite More Members

By Sandra Phan

Staff Writer

Anyone entering high school experiences excitement from starting a new chapter of their lives, but the nervousness and anxiety about meeting and making new friends can’t be avoided.

The intimidation and stress new students feel is the catalyst for the creation of student ambassadors. Adviser Ms.Erika Main’s current vision for this club is for 10th through 12th graders who want to be more involved to provide a safe and friendly group of fellow peers for the students.

The student ambassador club members “welcome students without being front and center,” like sitting with new students during lunch or checking in with new students. Club members make posters and act as positive and friendly role models.

“We’re a school of 1,500,” Ms. Main said, “but you see the same 50 kids doing everything.”

She wants this club to be an opportunity for more students to get involved with the school. Currently, seven students have joined and are in the homeroom. Students already in a homeroom can still participate as long as they can make themselves available when needed. Students who have the time to contribute to this club are wanted.

When asked about future plans for student ambassadors, Ms. Main said, “The future is open.”

She said that she can see a collaborative relationship with other existing clubs that may need help with events, jokingly saying that student ambassadors would be “for hire.” The direction of the club would depend on the needs of the students, but the sole purpose is to be a safe and friendly group.

To students considering being a part of student ambassadors, Ms. Main said. “If you’re not really involved, but want to be, give this a try.”

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